Why Pocial

Businesses are looking for unique ways to connect with their
consumer with laser-like personalized precision

Using increasingly granular data, from detailed demographics and psychographics to consumers clickstreams on the web, businesses are starting to create highly customized offers that steer consumers to the "right" merchandise at the right moment, at the right price, and in the right channel.

Few dispute that organizations have more data than ever at their disposal. But actually deriving meaningful insights from that data and converting knowledge into action is easier said than done.

As a marketer, nothing is more rewarding or lucrative than knowing exactly who your customers are, and being able to provide them with what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

By cross? referencing this information in a fast and efficient way, businesses can paint the clearest picture of who their customers are and what motivates them.



Your ability to achieve your business goals is dependent on your intimate understanding of your consumer. Pocial provides
key data insights for businesses looking to improve their customer relationships and quantify the perceptions, opinions,
beliefs and attitudes of their core audience.

Pocial is your very own data mining platform that gives you the ability to unify your sales, marketing and business
development campaigns.

Mine the data of your existing traditional
and social media marketing efforts to
target more effectively

Plan Business Development strategies
based on real-time consumer

Convert actionable insights into sales

Engagement Solutions

Engagement Solutions

Multi-Media Based Polls Images, Native Videos, YouTube Videos, Instagram Clips, and Standard Text based Polls.

Rewards Reward voters with enticing discounts and coupons to drive in-store and online traffic to customers interested in what you have to offer.

Call-to-Action Insert links to direct voters to pages where your products and services can be purchased after casting their vote.

Single-Use-Discount Promo Codes Provide your participants unique single use discount promo codes to encourage point-of-participation purchasing behaviors while maintaining the unique ability to associate preferences and opinions on an individual level.

Contests Create fun contests to engage consumers, build a ground swell and excite the community. Capture demographic information, geographic details and expressed preferences of all entrants for future sales and marketing purposes.

Interactive Educational & Promotional Content Deliver personalized offerings direct to participants, typically a promotional or educational item, in real-time, based specifically on responses they provide.

Glean 360 Reporting Measure campaign engagement, Understand where your users are most engaged, What devices visitors are using to access your content, Monitor Dwell Rates, Track Opt-In Rates, Insights including pertinent demographic and geographic details, And More...

User Segmenting As respondents participate in polls, tests, contests and competitions, you'll be able to segment your contacts by preferences, store and mine the data gathered, to make strategic research and marketing based decisions.

1-to-1 Retargeting Convert actionable insights into sales opportunities for you and your advertisers by rewarding participants basedon their personal preferences, post-campaign.



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